Jane Jensen studied music, theater and audio arts at Columbia College in Chicago.

From 1989-1995, Jane recorded music for various independent record labels in the US, UK and Germany including Invisible, Fifth Colvmn and Dragonya.

In 1992 she moved to New York to join the Isadora Duncan Dance Group at the American Academy of Art in Tribeca. In 1997 Jane released an electronic rock /pop CD titled "Comic Book Whore" with Flip Records and Mushroom Australia. Interscope Records re-released this music and supported a tour of the US and Australia. In 2001 Jane began releasing music on her own label Autozen and experimenting with video, photography, poetry and performance. Jane has been recognized by ASCAP and Unisong for her songwriting and received the JPF Independent Music Award for her album Burner. She works in film, theatre and television as an actor and contributes her music to film scores and soundtracks.